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Dragonlance Age of Mortals Campaign

The Gods have returned to Krynn.  In their absence Primal Magic (sorcery) was discovered as the High Magic (wizardry) left Krynn with the Gods.  Mankind was to fend for itself and certain things changed.  Our campaign begins in the current time frame of the Age of Mortals and an overarching theme that unites our party is that of Mortals seeking their own destiny.  Other side themes that we plan to explore are the new balance 0f deities now that Paladine & Takhisis have been removed from the Pantheon and how that trickles down to the mortal realm.  The inevitable competition between the varied magic that is now abundant in Krynn will be addressed.  Lastly, of course, who are the new movers and shakers in the realm and what is their current agenda?

Tune in frequently as we will try our best to keep you updated.

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