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Critical Hit descriptions

D&D dice

Critical hit dice roll

Your sword plunges hilt deep into your adversary

Your arrow is like a divining rod for blood

The sonic blast causes flecks of blood and spit to eject from your enemy’s mouth

The popping sound of tendons releasing accompany your strike

No layer of skin is left after your fireball blast

Your mace causes a divot in the chest of your opponent

The Acid Orb passes through the beast’s flesh leaving empty space in it’s wake

The force blasts of your magic missiles rearrange  the organs of your foe

Your axe retrieve is slowed as the blade releases from bone

Tears well up into the eyes of your enemy as your dagger strikes true

It’s skull cap collapses as your staff lands

through armor and flesh your hammer penetrates

Your unarmed strike bruises your opponent’s soul

Not one drop of energy was lost as your spell emptied it’s electricity into your target

Skin and Flesh part ways as your long sword cleaves your rival

the crossbow bolt disappears into the torso

Your weapon’s whole purpose in life was fulfilled with that hit

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